When asked what sort of Architecture Chris promotes within his practice he replied “…we are contextual eclectics with no boundaries or biases…we respect history, the vernacular and also embrace highly contemporary design”

In addition to all the services already offered by experienced Architects, we are able to provide a range of services including Computer Aided Design and highly technical services including communication of ideas via Virtual Reality. We have experienced ‘in-house’ specialist planning consultancy, interior space planning and specialist assistance on listed buildings and historic buildings in both residential and commercial sectors.

We believe in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) across a wide spectrum of different fields including materials, construction methods, professional practice and law, contracts and maintaining a keen awareness of new systems, design principles and processes enabling the sustainability of every aspect of design and construction of buildings.

With close associations with colleagues in the specialist planning, mechanical and electrical disciplines, we are able to offer a multi-disciplinary service where this is appropriate for our clients’ needs. During the past thirty years, Christopher Chapman and this practice has provided clients with an individual and highly experienced service in many aspects of ‘architecture’

We have good relationships with Planning Officers and Building Control Departments in the areas in and around London and the Thames Valley in particular.

These relationships have taken years to build and we hold our reputation and our principles very preciously.